Collection of pocket calendars USSR

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Artists of theater, cinema and circus on pocket calendars of the USSR

  • Юрий Никулин и Михаил Шуйдин Юрий Никулин и Михаил Шуйдин
  • Tamara Shakirova Tamara Shakirova
  • Anatoly Mateshko Anatoly Mateshko
  • Sergey Ivanov Sergey Ivanov
  • Valeriya Zaklunna Valeriya Zaklunna
  • Victor Miroshnichenko Victor Miroshnichenko
  • Виктор Степаненко Виктор Степаненко
  • Sergei Bondarchuk Sergei Bondarchuk
  • Ivan Mykolaichuk Ivan Mykolaichuk
  • Nikolay Olyalin Nikolay Olyalin
  • Volodymyr Talashko Volodymyr Talashko